Fabric Care Symbols

According to the 1972 Care Label Rule and its 1984 amendment, manufacturers and importers must attach a permanent label to textile garments listing at least one method of safe care for a garment. The Rule applies to all textile clothing except footwear, gloves, hats, leather and suede clothing, and household items. The label must warn about any part of the recommended care method that would harm the garment or other garments being cleaned with it. It must also warn if there is no way to clean a garment without damaging it.

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Symbols for washing instructions


Symbols for drying instructions

Dry Clean

Symbols for drycleaning instructions


Symbols for ironing instructions

Methods & Definitions

Dry Clean

Uses normal dry cleaning fluid found in any commercial or coin-operated dry cleaning establishment. The process may include moisture added to the fluid, hot tumble drying (160° F), and pressing by steam press or steam air-form finishing.

Professionally Dry Clean

Requires the methods possible only in commercial dry cleaning plants. "Professionally dry clean" must be accompanied by additional information, such as "use reduced moisture" or "no steam finishing."

Machine Wash

Use of either a commercial or home washing machine is acceptable. Clarifying information may be included giving specific washing temperature, size of the load, or drying procedures.