woman holding shirt on the conveyor rack

Dry Cleaning

We use the latest equipment and Exxon’s DF 2000 solvent to clean, deodorize, brighten colors, and restore your garments’ look and feel to that of when they were new. DF 2000 is safe for your garments, safe for the environment, leaves no objectionable odor, and leaves no chemical residue that could be potentially harmful to you. Your garments are checked for spots and all spots found are professionally removed using the finest spotting solutions available. Finally your garments are pressed by our trained, professional staff, checked for quality, properly packaged, and conveyed for your convenient pick up.

woman removing stain from a garment


Your shirts are carefully washed in temperature and computer controlled washers. The detergents used are furnished by U.N.X. Corporation, the leader in on-premise laundry chemicals. Starch may be added if requested. We cook raw corn starch and add it in as an additional bath in the rinsing process for a beautiful smooth finish. They are then professionally pressed using Sankosha shirt pressing equipment. Sankosha is the world leader in quality shirt pressing technology. Shirts undergo stain removal if necessary and all missing or broken buttons are replaced. Shirts are then placed on the correct sized hanger or folded and boxed if preferred by the customer. Proper packaging is followed by conveying for convenient pick up. Your jeans or Docker type slacks may be professionally laundered. During this process starch may be added if requested. Your pants are never dried, they are pressed from wet to dry for a beautiful smooth finish.

wedding dress

Bridal Care

Whether the dress needs to be pressed for the bridal pictures, cleaned and pressed for the wedding, or cleaned, boxed, and preserved after the wedding, we have the expertise you are looking for. Wedding dresses are individually cleaned and hand finished. When preserved or heirloomed, they are cleaned, meticulously checked for spots or stains, and placed in a special acid free box and packaged with acid free paper. We also handle tuxedos, bridesmaid dresses, and all other formal wear.

leather jacket


Genuine suede and leather garments require special handling and knowledge. We have chosen to contract with a specialist to handle these items. They will be returned to you with their original finish and color preserved.


Household Items

These include: table linens, napkins, placemats, bedspreads, comforters, blankets, duvets, sleeping bags, and curtains. The manufacturers care label will be followed and the utmost of care taken to insure they are returned to you clean and restored.

Customer dropping off express bag in the drive-thru

Convenient Drop-off and Pick-up

We have lobby service as well as a drive thru that can be used for dropping off and picking up your orders. We also have a 24 hour drop box that allows for drop-off after hours, on holidays, and Sundays.

Comet Cleaners' express bag

Express Bag Service

Allow us to furnish you with a personal garment drop-off bag that has customized instructions regarding the care of your garments. After the initial set up, the drop-off transaction is easy and extremely fast. The bag is returned to you in your order for your next use. Customers may have more than one bag if needed.

credit card

Electronic Billing

We will be glad to securely store your credit card information in our point of sale system for monthly billing.


Pick-up & Delivery

This service is available on a limited but growing basis. If you are interested in this service, please fill out the scheduling form and we will tell you if your neighborhood is in our current or future route plans.