Beneficial Technology

Barcode being attached to a shirtInstead of poking holes in your garments with pins or staples and attaching those aggravating paper tags like most cleaners, we hide a permanent barcode in your garments. This barcode identifies the brand, what the garment is, and to whom it belongs. It also records how many times a garment has been processed, when it was brought in, picked up, what was done, and other useful data.

Along with barcoding, we use an automated assembly process. In early 2010 we installed the Iowa Techniques Automated Assembly System. This system uses the barcodes to assemble your orders. Imagine a busy day with 1,600 garments promised out by 5:30 PM, and the chaos created by the effort required to manually read names and numbers and assemble all the orders error free. People make mistakes; barcodes and scanners rarely do. This system allows for the efficient assembly of your orders and allows our personnel to spend their time making sure your garments look their best instead of hand sorting 1,600 pieces.

Iowa Techniques Automated Assembly System